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EAA consistently works to deliver programs that give wings to the dreams of future generations, offering unique opportunities for education, experience and growth.

Women Soar

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Over the last four years, EAA's 'give wings.' initiative has truly taken flight, thanks to the support and generosity from members like you.

Together, we've helped thousands of young aviation enthusiasts work toward their dreams and achieve their goals. From educational scholarships to program opportunities, we thank you for your philanthropic commitment.

In order to continue to give wings to others … to make dreams happen … to fly where we haven't before, we ask for your continued participation.

Whether sharing your personal stories with us, or reading the inspirational stories of others, we welcome your involvement. The success of 'give wings.' is attributed to EAA's members, and we hope to continue spreading the spirit and innovation of flight with many generations to come.

Inspiring youth

“Heather absolutely loved flying,” said her father, Dave. “She took every opportunity to share her passion. Flying was in her blood from day one!”

Learn more about how Heather McRoberts motivated aviation enthusiasts to further explore the skies above.

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